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Separate Wi-Fi internet connected, hostel facilities are available for boys and girls which are looked after by the wardens and other supporting staff. Various recreational facilities, viz., TV, indoor games, magazines, newspapers etc. are made available to the hostlies. Care is taken to provide home like atmosphere and efforts are made to make the environment conducive to studies.

Hostel Rules And Regulation-:

  1. Ragging is strictly prohibited in any form; if someone is found guilty, severe action will be taken.
  2. Students are not allowed to consume alcoholic, narcotic drugs or any intoxicating substance in the hostel premises.
  3. All visitors to the hostel including the parents/guardians will have to make necessary entries in the visitors’ book available at the hostel entrance with the security guard.
  4. Students should not keep any unauthorized property and unauthorized guests in his/her room.
  5. No person, either guest or anyone shall be permitted to stay overnight in any part of the hostel. In case, a guest wants to stay overnight in the hostel, he/she should take permission from the warden.
  6. All girl students are expected to be back in the hostel by 7.00 pm. If any student wishes to be away, she should take permission from the hostel authority with appropriate reasons.
  7. Students are responsible for the safekeeping of their valuables. Students should use their own locks and should take proper care of their belongings.
    Students are not allowed to take common room’s newspapers to their rooms at any time.
  8. Students should handle hostel equipments, furniture, mess property carefully and not abuse or tamper with it, otherwise fine will be charged by the hostel management.
  9. Students have to use water and electricity judiciously. If fan, tube, etc. are found ON in the absence of the students in their rooms, fine will be charged by hostel authorities.
  10. Garbage and wastage be put only in garbage box available nearby hostel premises.
  11. Every case of illness and accident must be reported immediately to the hostel authorities.
  12. No function or celebration shall be organized in hostel premises without the permission of the Warden.
  13. All matters relating to differences among students and complaints against theft shall be brought to the notice of the hostel management. No police complaint will be lodged by the student without taking prior permission from the hostel management.
  14. Students indulging in use of abusive and threatening language, physical fights, use of force to get unfair act accomplished, etc. will be punished. Further, they are liable to be expelled from the hostel/ Institute.
  15. Playing music/record player etc. loud enough to cause disturbance to his/her neighbor(s) is prohibited. Defaulters will be punished. Repeated acts will render cancellation of allotment of Hostel room.

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